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Tap your Superpowers

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

I've known since I was a middle school cheerleader, doing back handsprings during basketball games, and losing my voice, that I LOVED cheering for others. Not just in a game, but truly making others feel good with some kind of encouraging words.

I love what I do. My life legacy is to help people live in their strengths, their Superpowers. When we tap into our SUPERPOWERS, they literally help us attract what we want. We’re in the flow. Our life opens up. We’re making meaningful progress in our most important endeavors.

This lens enables us to see the world with rose colored glasses! To use our strengths daily. When we are here, we don’t spend as much time in the swamp, ruminating, we get out of our way. We live in the flow. In the River of life, The Tao.

We clear away the muck. Remind ourselves why we're on this planet. What is so unique about us, that no one else can do or BE. So we can SHOW up for ourselves.

So, ask yourself, "What do I need today to show up for me?" Now we're in a place to listen to our body and mind, and hear the signals our body is sending us. We stop repressing the reptilian brain, whose job is to keep us alive. (In today’s world we often drink more caffeine when we’re tired, instead of going to bed early, or take a pill to get to sleep.)

We don’t need an expert to tell us what to eat & drink, we need to listen to the signals the body sends us. Sure, hiring a professional can help motivate us and hold us accountable for changes we want to make and want to see in the world.

AND, when we pause enough to listen to our soul, we can land that fulfilling job that pays our mortgage AND is making the word better. What’s it telling us? We have all the answers within. We just have to listen.

So, let's show up every day, do our best, and promise to grow and learn and listen to our soul.


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