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Life Coaching

Our coaching practice is solution-focused and founded on the rigorous and extensive principles of Positive Psychology, the scientific study of human flourishing.


Setting aside a few hours for yourself to assess how things are going and what matters to you is a game changer. 


Are you a growth-oriented, successful person who wants more?

​Do you want find more meaning and purpose?

​Do you want a better work / life balance?

​Do you want to be in deeper alignment with your goals?

​Do you want more support in your career?

​Do you have a specific goal but feel stuck?

Often in just a few sessions, our clients achieve exponential growth! We'd love to share how easy it is to make progress.

Our 4 Step Personal Strategic Plan

1. Amplify your 5 Signature Strengths and Support YOU

Your new strength-based lens is like wearing rose-colored glasses.
Instead of judging and critiquing yourself and focusing on your weaknesses, you clarify who you are, what's important to you, and what you can do.

"When we live through the lens of our character strengths, they elevate every part of our being" -Dr. Martin Seligman

2. Build Social-Emotional Resilience and Care for Your Mind 

Research demonstrates that gratitude is the single character trait most associated with life satisfaction and a sense of wellbeing. This session blends three research-based wellness principles - mindfulness, gratitude, and journaling - allowing participants to practice skills as they reflect, recharge, and pinpoint personal strategies for supporting emotional resilience.

  • Individual strengths and passions

  • Specific goals and/or self-care practices to support personal/professional potential and wellbeing

  • Simple, specific, realistic habits that can be established to move toward goals 

  • Structures for evaluation and accountability

3. Job and Life Responsibilities: 
Apply your Strengths with your dialed in 6 Foundations to your specific job /life responsibilities and desires. Your amped up inner vitality glides you through your day, increases your productivity, AND increases your life satisfaction.

4. Connecting YOU to your Compelling Vision, Your Life Legacy
This is where the magic happens. The elevated YOU has more energy, more bandwidth and more connection- to clarify and realize your Personal legacy.
What is your compelling and driving force as a human? What's most important to you, and how are you executing this passion and vision in your day-to-day life? Are you living your Best Authentic Self?

Once we tap into this, we're in our FLOW state, we're living our life to its fullest - and very high life satisfaction.
What kind of person are you?

Our 4 steps help you UNLOCK your POWER to help you create not just more success and meaning, but true FLOURISHING.

Human Flourishing
Is a state in which we are:

  • Cultivating and increasing our positive emotions

  • Engaging with the world and our work (or hobbies)

  • Developing deep and meaningful relationships

  • Finding meaning and purpose in our lives

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