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"Working with Sarah was an extremely beneficial and helpful experience. She helped me identify ways to add more reflection, energy, and focus to my workday. Sarah’s emphasis on positivity is fantastic and her ability to connect that to corporate America made for very relevant and helpful conversations. I walked away from each meeting with a set of goals and a gameplan to achieve those goals. Sarah will help keep you on track." 

Associate, Baird

"I truly enjoyed my sessions with Sarah. She has such a positive energy combined with a savvy business sense. We worked through a significant transition in my career with her coaching and accountability. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life" 

Advertising Agency Owner

"During my transition into a new professional role, Sarah helped me feel more confident, balance my priorities and focus on managing my new responsibilities. 

She’s supportive and listens well, and held me accountable to the goals I set."

Director, Finance Industry

"I was looking for executive coaching that went beyond the standard support of how to manage difficult conversations or how to deal with a complex situation in the workplace.  I was looking for better ways to balance the transition from a role I had been in for years to a new leadership role taking over for my mentor of 18 years all while keeping true to my personal goals of being a dedicated mom of two small children and a wife to a successful husband who also has important work commitments.  Executive coaching with Sarah was all of these things and more!  Sarah helped me look internally at my confidence and worth, assisted in managing an evolving view of my mentor as I took on more and more of his responsibilities, as well as provided specific tools to help identify what boundaries I wanted to hold and which ones I could let evolve.  The most helpful part was that Sarah assisted me in big picture items, but also provided tangible tools to implement and see what would best serve me.  The whole experience has been amazing!" 

Office of the President, Environmental Engineering Co, Chicago, IL

"Sarah has a wealth of knowledge to share.  She really hones in on your strengths and your areas of opportunity.  I feel empowered to take back my life, my body and my future! Thanks for helping me realize my potential." 

Accountant, Mom, People Expert

"I walked away from each session with a clearer understanding of how to set goals, achieve results, and maintain a healthy lifestyle... Sarah definitely helped me create a more focused and healthy way of life." 

Real Estate Professional, Restaurant owner, Mom

"Sarah provided immeasurable guidance during a tumultuous professional period. Collaborative, adaptive, and genuine, her approach creates that essential space for reflection and goal setting." 

Operations Manager, Entertainment Industry

"The best part of my coaching engagement was the structured time for reflection, which I have previously had difficulty carving out for myself. Both the weekly written reflections and the coaching conversations with Sarah created space to make meaning and better understand how I'm thinking and feeling about this moment I find myself in my life. I am so glad I decided to invest in coaching at a time of stagnation in my journey to discover my next move in vocational discernment and now feel I have new tools and a key understanding of myself with which I can move forward with purpose in this new year." 

Education Consultant

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