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Living in our Character Strengths elevates EVERY part of our being

Updated: Mar 22

We feel really good when we celebrate - and live in - our Character Strengths, (executive strengths AND our values). And who doesn't want to feel good?

Leadership, honesty, judgment, social intelligence, creativity, perspective, bravery, curiosity...they reflect the REAL YOU, who you are at your core.

And when you bring the REAL YOU to your relationships, you are aligned for better connection to yourself and others, which enhances a trusted culture, where people feel truly valued. As a result, we all spend more time in flow which increases joy, wellbeing, productivity and ROI.

1. "Living through the lens of our Character Strengths elevates every part of our being." -Martin Seligman, Positive Psychologist.

2. "...Character is as important as competence in influencing judgment and hence organizational outcomes." -MIT Sloan Management Review, Dec. 13, 2022

3. "Workers who use four or more of their signature strengths at work have more positive work experiences and report their work is a calling in their life." -Via Institute on Character


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