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Life coaching:

Our coaching practice is solution-focused and founded on the rigorous and extensive principles of Positive Psychology, the scientific study of human flourishing.


Setting aside a few hours for yourself to assess how things are going and what matters to you is a game changer. 


Are you a growth-oriented, successful person who wants more?

  • Do you want find more meaning and purpose?

  • Do you want a better work / life balance?

  • Do you want to be in deeper alignment with your goals?

  • Do you want more support in your career?

  • Do you have a specific goal but feel stuck?

Often in just a few sessions, our clients achieve exponential growth! We'd love to share how easy it is to make progress.




Our 4 step Personal Plan

Through our 4 step Plan, we'll help you assess your strengths, and apply them to your life and job to make significant progress on what matters most. 


You'll learn to amplify your 5 Signature Strengths, "which increase your confidence, broaden your efficacy and your wellbeing, and generally elevate every part of our being". Dr. Martin Seligman


The elevated YOU has more energy, more bandwidth and more connection- to clarify and make progress on your goals, and help clarify your Personal legacy: What's most important to you, and how are you executing this passion and vision in your day-to-day life? How can you live your Best Authentic Self?

Once we tap into this, we're in our FLOW state, we're living our life to its fullest -  and very high life satisfaction. 

Our passion is to help you achieve true flourishing,

the state in which we are:

  • cultivating and increasing our positive emotions

  • engaging with the world and our work (or hobbies)

  • developing deep and meaningful relationships

  • finding meaning and purpose in our lives

  • In essence- the “good life”

Dr. Martin Seligman


More about Life Coaching:

We are trained to help you identify and break old dominant stories and replace them with inspiring beliefs that catapult you towards success. You quickly make progress on where you want to go.  

We may use the advanced CHEK Lifestyle Questionnaires to assess all aspects of your physical, mental and spiritual health. This is a uniquely integrated and holistic approach to health, fitness, and well-being. I'm trained in human behavior and how to modify it to navigate through challenges. 

The human body is an integrated system of systems – what happens in the digestive system can impact the musculoskeletal system, for example. This means our choices about diet, rest, and movement can impact our health in a wide variety of ways.  This is why a holistic approach to health and fitness is essential.

Significant impact often occurs with a few small changes!

Your dreams and goals are supported by your 6 Foundations of Health. Here's a few tips to help us all stay on track:


The 6 Foundations of Health:

1. Adopt a Growth Mindset













Dr. Carol Dweck, one of the most respected Positive Psychology experts in the US today, (Mindset, The New Psychology of Success):


The growth mindset is the belief that with hard work and experience, growth and development occur. This mindset creates a desire to learn. Those with the growth mindset see failure as an opportunity to learn, and they value risk-taking. Those with a fixed mindset believe that our intelligence is fixed for life. They view failure as intolerable, and spend much of their time trying to prove to themselves and others how smart and/or talented they are. They don't believe in the power of effort. 

Goal clarity about what we really want is also critical for success! People who succeed consistently have created a clear plan — an action plan, based on heartfelt goals, that leads to success. 

A clear plan enables you to conquer challenges and take massive action to get real results in your life, business, finances and health.

Foundations of Health

2. Fuel...Eat Real Food

Fresh Salad

Fuel your body with fresh, pure, unadulterated, real food 80% of the time. Packaged goods generally have very little nutrition remaining after the manufacturing process, therefore possess little life force, literally clog your brain, and make your organs work overtime to detoxify them. Pay attention to how much protein/carbohydrates/fat your body loves, each of us is unique. Some of my favorite brain & body foods are wild salmon, kale, spinach, brussels sprouts, eggs, grass-fed beef, organic chicken..."Food is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug in America" - Bill Philips

3. Hydrate with water

Young woman drinking water.jpg


It is critical for cleansing your organs, brain, and cells. Drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Water is the first thing you should consume when you wake up and the last thing before you go to bed. In fact, your body is 70% water, which is about 10-11 gallons or 80-90 lbs. Water is critical for every single physiological occurrence in the body. From blinking your eye to lifting your arm, to thinking. Drinking water helps you detoxify your body, maintain a healthy body weight, digest food and absorb nutrients, have healthy, glowing skin, decrease muscle and joint inflammation, and improve circulation.

4. Rejuvenate & Repair with long & deep sleep.

Young woman sleeping in bed.jpg


Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night. As mammals, we are tied to the sun, so aiming for 10pm-6am is ideal. Sleep deprivation increases your cortisol, which decreases serotonin and decreases all your growth hormones. Lack of sleep can make you gain weight. If you go to sleep at midnight, you have cheated yourself out of one-quarter of your physical repair time! (If college students sleep between 12-8am, don't worry). 

5. Movement is critical to health & happiness.


Move your body in a big way every day. Your brain, spinal cord, organs, and muscular-skeletal systems need a minimum of 30-60 minutes of big movement every day. Don't get me wrong, although this might excite some people, the sound of running for an hour may be daunting.


Find something you love to do. No need to train for a marathon - but try to break a sweat. Walking is a fantastic way to pump the body! So is yoga, tennis, golf, basketball, raking leaves, jumping jacks, bodyweight workouts, spinning, biking, paddle tennis, hiking, swimming, skateboarding, ice skating...

"Exercise is the most potent, yet underutilized anti-depressant". - Bill Phillips

6. Deep Breathing is necessary to balance all the systems in the body.


Many of us have an inverted breathing pattern, which increases cortisol, tightens our shoulder & neck muscles, impacting our executive functioning. With our coaching help, we'll establish good breathing patterns, enabling you to take more control over every system in your body. Breathing is a key element of taking control of your life. 

Beach Meditation
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