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Mo Buttner

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Villanova University


Alverno College

Communications & English

About Mo

In 2021, I started an 18-month program to become an ICF Certified Coach in Positive Psychology after 18 years raising my three children. As a coach, I help people interested in change; use their strengths, values, and gifts to thrive and flourish in their personal and professional lives.

“Things do not necessarily happen for the best, but we can choose to make the best of things that happen.”

Tal Ben Shahar, PhD

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These words ring true for me. When I was eleven, my mom was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and ten months later she was at eternal peace. However, during those ten months I learned so much about what shaped her spiritually, her values and her strengths. In a note that she wrote on the back of a hospital form, she told me she knew “I would always make the best of any situation.” Despite the void in my heart, in her absence, she was right. The path is not always easy, but with her gifts of faith, love and perseverance,
I have lived a life of many blessings. When we thrive beyond stressors, volatility, noise, mistakes and failures we become “antifragile,” — beyond resilience, we get even better!

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