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What do you want your life to look like?

What matters most?

Let's Create Your Successful Architecture


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We are growth, leadership, and life coaches 
rooted in Positive Psycology

Positive Psychology is the rigorous and scientific study of human flourishing. We believe your deepest happiness and most significant growth comes from living in your signature strengths and values.

Together, using Solution-focused strategies, with measurable and immediate action, we create your new infrastructure - your revised system for achieving and sustaining your goals.

"I was looking for executive coaching that went beyond the standard support of how to manage difficult conversations or how to deal with a complex situation in the workplace.  I was looking for better ways to balance the transition from a role I had been in for years to a new leadership role taking over for my mentor of 18 years all while keeping true to my personal goals of being a dedicated mom of two small children and a wife. … Executive coaching with Sarah was all of these things and more! … The most helpful part was that Sarah assisted me in big-picture items, but also provided tangible tools to implement and see what would best serve me.  The whole experience has been amazing!

Office of the President, Environmental Engineering Co, Chicago, IL


Research proves that The Happiest People:

  • Cultivate positive emotions and experiences

  • Clarify meaningful "Gift goals"

  • Utilize their resources

  • Lean into difficult challenges and conversations 

  • Take immediate action with sustainable progress

  • Expand upon this success!

The Ripple Effect

Through this strengths-based lens "which elevates every part of our being", and by adopting a growth mindset, we help you truly maximize your potential -

becoming better, more authentic leaders in your families, teams, and communities.

You are aligned for better connection to yourself and others, which enhances a trusted culture, where people feel truly valued. As a result, we all spend more time in flow which increases joy, wellbeing, productivity and ROI. 

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